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Established in 1997, HY.GIENE Australia Pty Ltd manufacture and distribute the market leading spa bath cleaner. SPA.GIENE is recognised worldwide and proven as the market leading spa bath cleaner.

Formulated as a wide spectrum antimicrobial product, designed to effectively and hygienically clean the entire surface and pump system of spa baths, hydrotherapy spa baths, auto dishwashers and washing machines, by breaking down and dislodging body fats, hair, organic matter and biological waste from the pump system.

SPA.GIENE revolutionized the Australian Tourism Industry after years of promoting and educating correct hygiene awareness and procedures for spa baths to every hotel & motel chain in Australia. This has allowed overseas and interstate visitors using Australian accommodation to be provided with the most hygienic spa baths in the country. We find their assuring ‘hygiene tags’ in most accommodation properties throughout Australia – don’t get in a spa bath if it hasn’t been ‘flushed – clean’!

Environmentally friendly SPA.GIENE is bio-degradable and is the only spa cleaner which quickly and easily ‘flush-cleans’ spa baths and spa pools in hotels, motels, resorts, Day Spa, hospitals or gyms and ensures the removal of unwanted bacterial growth. SPA.GIENE also gently polishes acrylic surfaces without tarnishing gold or chrome jets.

Value for money is a number one priority with SPA.GIENE which was developed with premium grade raw materials and ‘antibacterial properties’ to provide customers with the best possible value for every dollar spent on the product.

SPA.GIENE is used extensively in disaster relief clean up to effectively clean and eliminate the nasty build up of bacterial content of water in drains after flooding, public areas and demolished households.
It has been known for a number of years that these disaster conditions propagate and circulate various pathogenic bacteria, including pseudomonas, legionella [sp], staphylococcus and E. coli.”Prominent Health Authorities have conducted field trials on broad spectrum Quaternary ammonium compounds, Bleach and Virox and the only chemical they found which effectively reduced pathogenic bacteria is Quaternary ammonium compounds.

SPA.GIENE will clean and disinfect effectively in any commercial and domestic environment. It also polishes the acrylic surface and unlike other systems, SPA GIENE will not tarnish gold or chrome plated jets. It is chlorine-free, non-toxic, non-dangerous, biodegradable and available.

Testimonies from Australia’s leading hotels, resorts, hospitals, healthcare acknowledge that this unique product and it’s simple application is less harmful, is a considerable improvement in terms of health and safety standards, and is more effective in extending the life of the spa bath equipment.

SPA.GIENE is Australian made and has a proven record as a leader in spa bath hygiene, supported by a customer base that includes almost every 4 or 5 star hotels, motel chains, nursing homes, and hospitals.

SPA.GIENE makes up part of our unique EHS housekeeping system.

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