Emendee Nail Table Rent/Buy

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The vented nail tables that is proven by Workplace Health and Safety Testing to remove more than 99% of the dust and 60% of the fumes.

If you are concerned about the harmful effects of inhaling  nail dust all day, The Emendee™ Nail Table is a must-have piece of equipment for your salon. With a choice of table top colours, finishes and configurations you are sure to find an exact choice for your salon’s decor and floor plan. The Emendee™ Nail Table has a filtration system to effectively remove 99% of dust insuring clean healthy air.

First, choose your style

  •  Standard Single
  • Standard Double
  •  Special Build Double
  •  Special Build Boomerang
  • Custom Build Tuscan
  •  Designer Build On Request

Then, choose the electrics

  • Single Install – 2 power points
  •  Double Install – 4 power points

Then, choose the legs

  •  Black
  •  Chrome

Finally choose your colour!

Benefits of Rented and Bought Nail Tables

What are the real benefits to your business if you rent or buy the nail tables?


  •  No large initial outlay ($200.00 damage waiver to confirm order)
  •  100% tax deductible as it is a rental payment
  •  Knowing exactly what amount to pay each month so helping cash flow
  •  Less than a refill per week to give you clean air
  •  The price of the rental of the nail table when you order remains the same throught the WHOLE time you are renting. No increases in rental price
  •  All freight to and from is included in the rental
  •  Anything goes wrong with the unit you contact us and we replace it – no waiting for technicians
  •  All updates that we design for the nail table unit get fitted onto every unit.
  •  Every 12 months we send you new secondary filters – no charge

 Every 2 years you receive a brand new unit in whatever colour you choose to keep you working on the latest equipment


  •  1/3 payment on confirmation of order and balance prior to dispatch
  •  You own the nail table unit outright
  •  12 months back to base warranty on parts and manufacturers fault
  •  30% tax depreciation as it is a capital expense
  •  You purchase all updates if required
  • <All freight is customers cost if out of warranty

Contact us to order yours today!